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June 22nd, 2013

Online printers offer exceptional benefits when compared to traditional neighborhood print stores. They offer a wide array of printing options, exceptional convenience, cost savings and quality products delivered to meet tight deadlines.f17bf73a77a04d23e7d52c47aaa6bc1a.wix_mp_256

However some businesses remain reluctant to use online printing services because they are intimidated by the design process. For those requiring printing design help, modern online print shops offer a variety of tools that will assist the customer in creating the perfect promotional marketing piece.

Regardless of which design method is chosen, it is important to have selected the conceptual elements prior to the actual development of the material. This includes establishing the message and a preliminary Printing Flyer layout to evaluate the flow of the text and graphics.

Top 10 Tips for Decorating With Canvas Prints

June 22nd, 2013

Canvas prints and artwork have become increasingly popular as a great way to decorate your home or office. The stretched canvas prints project an art gallery-like effect as the prints jump out of the wall and create excellent depth perception and viewing pleasure. With so many canvas print options to choose from, however, it can be overwhelming and challenging to know what to order and how best to decorate your walls. CanvasSample

1) Complement the Theme or Mood of Your Room:
Understanding a room’s purpose and attributes is important before choosing a canvas print. Is the room private, or is it used to entertain guests? Is the room used for relaxing or performing tasks, or is it just a hallway? Is the room large, narrow or tall? These are clues that will help to determine the type of canvas art that will complement the color and scale of a room.

2) Understand the Psychology Between Neutral and Vibrant Colors:
Neutral colors are calming, while vibrant colors bring excitement and action to a room. For example, you might choose brilliant blue colors for a fast-paced office, lively yellow colors for a children’s room or art studio, and neutral beige and mellow green colors for a quiet retreat room or a doctor’s office.

3) Landscape Art Opens Up Small Spaces:
Sunsets, landscapes and canvas art portraying distant horizons are a great way to open up a smaller space visually. The view of a horizon and/or vanishing images act as a sort of “window” that gives the impression of a faraway vista, making a small room feel more comfortable and appear much larger.

4) Print Size Should Depend on Wall Size:
It is best to choose smaller canvas prints for narrow walls and larger canvas prints for big walls and spaces. A large print on a small wall makes the print feel overwhelming and the room seem smaller, while a small canvas print on a large wall makes the room feel disproportionate and empty.

5) Canvas Print Selections Should Be Based on Expected Furniture Pairings:
The theme and size of your canvas print should be based on the furniture you plan to hang the print next to or over. When wall art is hung over a piece of furniture, the print size should be no longer than the width of the furniture.

6) Choosing the Best Canvas Print for You Depends on How You Plan to Use Your Canvas Art:
Some of the most popular canvas print types are standard wrap, gallery wrap, black sides, and triptychs. While each canvas type is excellent and looks amazing on any wall, the choice of which one is best for you depends on various factors.

7) Mantles and Shelves are Great Ways to Display Art:
Canvas prints do not need to be hung above furniture or stand alone on a wall. Mantles and art shelves are also a great way to present art. Canvas prints can be set on the mantle or shelf-top and leaned against the wall (such as above a fireplace), set onto a shelf with other decorative objects, or hung on the wall over the shelf or mantle.

8) Arrangements Add a New Dimension to Decorating:
A common arrangement method is to align several prints next to each other to fill up space across a wall. Typically, these prints share a similar motif or design pattern for a consistent theme, but unlike triptychs, each print is unique.

9) Decorate Using an Odd Number of Prints:
Choosing an odd number of prints helps to create a symmetrically appealing design with both central and peripheral focal points, but it is important that the artwork is balanced to fit the size of the wall and the room.

10) Viewing Pleasure is Maximized When Art is Hanging at an Optimal Height:
Canvas prints should be hung where the central point of the image or grouping is at eye-level for the average person, which is approximately 60-65 inches from the floor. However, there are other factors to consider when choosing height.

Commercial Printing – All Your Printing Needs Are Right Here

June 22nd, 2013

Commercial printing provides the solution for every imaginable print need. Small runs and long runs to high quality offset printing and digital printing – they all can be best served by a commercial printing company that encompasses a wide variety of printing choices for a diverse market.A2-commercial-US-printing

Commercial printing companies serve up prints run through includes digital printing, color printing, short run printing, large format printing, inkjet printing and more.

Commercial printing utilizes state of the art equipment – making use of advanced printing technology and software applications to achieve quality commercial printing with ease. Printers too with streamlined, state-of-the-art workflow production provides for wider printing services that are accessible to customers.

But commercial printing isn’t just about technology, innovation and printing presses. It is also about print experience and skill gained after years of offering printing services for a variety of print jobs. It is also about people, about professional printing personnel who oversees print production.

Moreover, it is about creating partnership between clients and printers that truly makes for a highly satisfying printing experience.

With commercial printing, each print job is methodically assessed in order to find the appropriate manner by which it can be managed or produced. This information is also relayed to the customer who better understands all the processes needed for a successful print project.

Commercial can only but give you the following advantages:

Full Color Quality

No doubt this is the area where the competition often heats up. Most print companies would encounter problems printing sharp, crisp and brilliant image reproductions. With a commercial printer, full color print quality is the only standard they know .

Print Deals

Finding alternatives and possible print solutions lie at the heart of commercial printing. In simple terms, it is about print deals. It is finding the best print quality at the best price available. It is about businesses and clients sorting through every detail to come up with the print solution that would work well among the options available.

Design Expertise

Commercial printing is also about design. With its extensive experience, commercial printers can offer help and lend you professional graphic designer for your printing projects.

Commercial printing does cover it all

People have a variety of print needs that can best be addressed by commercial printing. Whichever way you look at it, commercial printing has the comprehensive tools needed to complete any print projects with excellent, consistent results.

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